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What do the Internet of Things and beer have in common?

Answer: I-Tap R2


Read on to discover how I-Tap is harnessing the power of technology to master the tracking of beer and help businesses across the facility management, hospitality, and food service industries get the most out of their kegs.

See what Derek Thomspon, General Manager at Aramark, had to say:


TapR2 easily attaches to manual beer valves across in-venue concessions, offering a solution that captures real-time usage and consumption data to make the most of every last drop.

To be clear, our goal is not to replace bartenders, but to support them by improving efficiencies and mitigating problems with waste to maximize supply potential -- creating an enhanced experience for all involved, read on...


The TapR2 beer dispensers operate on our proprietary I-Tap network that continuously monitors the entire beer system in an easy-to-use web interface. Think of it like the Internet of Things for beer -- delivering full visibility into beer inventory and the analytics behind consumption that allow for smarter business decisions across the board.


Real-Time Tracking | Tracks which beer was poured, how much, where it was poured, when it was poured, by whom, the amount of beer remaining in the keg, fluid and cooler temperatures, CO2 pressure, glycol temperatures, and more. All analytics appear on your laptop or I-Tap smartphone app -- providing live, up-to-the-minute information.

"This is the best the beer has poured and the highest yields we have had in the twenty years that I have been here." 
 ~ Derek Thompson, G.M.

Inventory Control | At the end of the night, the network conducts inventory reports automatically, indicating which lines needs new kegs. In a stadium where you have over 300 lines, for example, this saves a ton of manpower and resources.

Auto Re-Order | The system automatically places re-orders of kegs and CO2 canisters by sending an email to the distributor.

Auto Shutdown | Automatically shuts down the entire system at specific times (after the seventh inning or third period, for example) to comply with facility rules. The beer stays cold and ready to pour for the next event and prevents waste normally generated by emptying hundreds of beer lines.

Marketing | By gaining key insight into data around what brands were poured at what time and at what specific location, I-Tap provides management with a powerful marketing tool. And with the I-Tap app, clients can also deploy specials by specific stand location.