TapR2 Projects

We have a robust product pipeline which we’re currently in the process of developing to continue adding value to our customers as well as investors.

TapR2 launches this month. A wireless battery powered dispenser that allows bar, stadium, and restaurant owners to monitor vital pour data. TapR2 can be drop-shipped and installed in minutes- making large franchise operations a much more viable target. Ease of operation and monthly recurring revenue make the TapR2 the iPhone of the beverage industry.

TapR2 Smart Purchase
We are developing a “Beer Pass” system consisting of a smart chip on a card or key fob enabling consumers to prepay for beer via cashless vending and acquired with the purchase of season tickets or from stadium kiosks. 

Beer Wall
The Beer Pass will facilitate fast and convenient point-of-sale beer purchases from an operator-free “Beer Wall”. Beer Pass holders enter a turnstile and use their card, key fob, or phone to pour their own beer at a Beer Wall featuring hundreds of brands...without having to wait in line.  

TapR2 TapCoin Cryptocurrency                                                                              We are developing an exclusive cryptocurrency for use with TapR2 called TapCoin. This will be the first beverage cryptocurrency. Designed with a crash-proof concept, TapCoin will interact with TapR2 to facilitate purchases as well as rewards. These coins will retain and grow in value with their limited numbers, and because they are tied to an already existing, and proven hardware system, unlike other coins built around "concepts" and "roadmaps."

The Exit Strategy
While our focus is on growth and continuing to find new and innovative ways to deliver value to our customers and partners, we anticipate becoming an attractive acquisition prospect to either a large beer company or industry-related business.